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      Introducing DJ Foxy D

     Dj Foxy D is a Las Vegas native who spins at some of the most world-renowned venues.  Foxy is no stranger to performing a set at MGM Grand, The Venetian and Palazzo, Paris Las Vegas, and Circa. She took lessons at Blend DJ Institute back in 2017.  It was nothing more than a hobby before the summer of 2021 when Foxy earned a residency at MGM Grand's Live Lucky Pool. As she gained experience and expanded her music versatility, more opportunities presented themselves.

Her residency at Chica inside the Venetian expanded Foxy's skills in mixing Salsa, Cumbia, Latin, and Disco.

Stadium Swim at Circa is currently Foxy's den where she sharpens her skills in House music. She loves to play a song everyone knows but hasn't heard in a while. She sprinkles a little Temptations, Aretha Franklin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Madonna, Crazy town, and a dash of Brittney. Then she put a little twist on it and add a House remix to keep the energy uplifted and nostalgic.

You can always catch Dj Foxy D spinning at an upscale lounge or Casino.


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